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The Egg House is the first egg-themed pop-up space offering a multi-sensory experience, led by our founder Biubiu Xu and an eggcellent team of creators, designers, and artists. With multiple rooms of immersive installations and interactive experiences, The Egg House is a house full of dreams and fantasies that saves you from the busy concrete city, and brings you a shareable fun time to spend with friends and family.

The Egg House is built on the dreams of an egg named Ellis. Though Ellis the Egg is no more than ordinary, he has countless interesting thoughts stuffed in his head. The Egg House is where his fantasies and dreams come true. Ellis the Egg started his journey in the Lower East Side of NYC in 2018 and has since traveled all the way to Shanghai, China. He’s going to keep rolling around the globe, bringing more joy and sharing his dreams to everyone in the world!