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“A pop-up house, or in New York terms, a six-room duplex decorated with eggs as its theme… They have worked in eggy aromas, sounds and some egg items to taste in the home of a fictional egg who moves to New York.”

“The Egg House, a three-month-long pop-up playground for Instagrammers and kids that hatches Saturday, was designed as the fantasy house (and realistic bedroom) of an egg character creators say embodies the average New Yorker.”

“The Egg House uses secret rooms, candy pools, swings and oversized object art to tell the story of Ellis the egg… an ambitious egg living in the Lower East Side. After working nights and weekends to keep the modest dream alive, Ellis falls asleep, and we lucky humans get to explore his dreaming fantasy house.”

“Your Insta-feed is about to get far more egg-selant thanks to the debut of The Egg House in New York City… The concept revolves around an egg named Ellis, who is dreaming peacefully in a back bedroom, and guests are able climb in and on his dream-like props – from an oversized egg carton to an eggshell garden swing.”

“The world's beloved breakfast food found a new home in New York City. The Egg House features an immersive installation and multi-sensory egg-perience. It is created to share the universal love of eggs and provide a momentary escape from the city.”

“Xu hopes to bring the pop-up to other cities once the New York leg wraps at the end of the month, but in the meantime, she wants people — Millennials, couples, friends, families, tourists, egg enthusiasts alike — to have fun with it.”

“The Egg House in Shanghai is where an apparently unhealthy interest in eggs and selfies meets Alice in Wonderland. The pop-up installation is described by organisers as created to share the universal love of eggs and provide a momentary escape from the city.”

“Wenzhou entrepreneur brings egg-themed installation she launched in New York to Shanghai, figuring ‘a lot of trendy people need a place to create content’ for social media; a critic calls it quick-fix entertainment for narcissists, but 25-year-old Xu Biubiu explains it has a serious theme.”